• "Amazingly awesome... Definitely one of the best shows I have seen in a long time." 

  • "Show was fantastic. First saw the boys at one of their first shows at Christies Beach pub few years ago .... wow what a change... really loved it. Thank you to the band for such a great night" 

  • "This show was amazing, Echoes of Pink Floyd at its best" 

  • "The stage production was amazing. Fantastic guitar work. Loved Another Brick in the Wall! Back up vocals were great. Top night out!" 

  • "Just when you thought it couldn't get any better......IT DID" 

  • "A great show which covered a wide range of Pink Floyd's catalogue over two sets. The artists played their parts with expertise working together to faithfully reproduce the soundscapes. And must mention the beautiful rendering of Great Gig in the Sky - a beautiful voice. Well done." 

  • "...you not only captured the sound of Pink Floyd but also endeared yourselves as a band" 

  • "It was a great night. I would definitely recommend to my friends to go and see Echoes of Pink Floyd, the music lineup was fantastic, it catered for everyone, from the early years to their later stuff." 

  • "Oh my! I am still buzzing 3 days later. This band was amazing beyond my expectations.I closed my eyes and I was transported to a place where Pink Floyd was playing. Each of the musicians were good in their own right. Combined they were awesome." 

  • "Wow!! I had goosebumps hearing Floyd played live so incredibly close to the original recordings. These guys bring a great, gutsy feel to the songs that I haven't heard from any other Floyd tribute act. And the lighting and especially the projected video on the light circle really added another dimension. These guys deserve to be HUGE!!!" 

  • "...we were totally in awe" 

  • "...gave me goosebumps for pretty much the whole show" 

  • "Echoes of Pink Floyd provided a great night's entertainment in a professional and genuine way." 

  • "A very very good show. Over 3 hours of well reproduced Pink Floyd music. Thoroughly enjoyed it." 

  • "If you shut your eyes you would swear you were witnessing the real deal. Awesome musicians!" 

  • "Matt is obviously Roger Waters' long-lost love child.... freakish" 

  • "...you won't be sorry you made the effort!!" 

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Upcoming Shows

  • 07 Oct 2017
    Nautilus Arts Centre, Port Lincoln, SA 07:00 PM to 09:30 PM

    Port Lincoln, South Australia
    8:00pm - 10:30pm
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  • About us

    ECHOES OF PINK FLOYD are dedicated to one goal: To authentically recreate the wonderful sights and sounds of one of the world’s greatest progressive bands for the enjoyment of fans aged 9 – 99.
    Known for their incredible attention to detail, the band recreates a genuine Pink Floyd concert experience live on stage, in all its majesty and complexity.
    From stratospheric guitars and sax, to haunting synthesizers, thundering bass and powerhouse percussion, these talented and dedicated Adelaide-based musicians leave no stone unturned to ensure every aspect of this breathtaking music is captured down to the last note.
    Come to an ECHOES OF PINK FLOYD show and be part of something very special: The music of Pink Floyd performed live with all the love and care it truly deserves.
  • Echoes of Pink Floyd Are:

    Daniel Hunter - Lead Guitar/Vocals
    Jason Miller - Drums/Percussion/Vocals
    Mark Dole - Bass/Vocals
    Paul Bindig - Keyboards/Synth/FX
    Mark MacNab - Rhythm Guitar/Acoustic Guitar
    Matt Goodluck - Lead Vocals
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