• Daniel Hunter - LEAD GUITAR/VOCALS

    Daniel Hunter - LEAD GUITAR/VOCALS

    Daniel has spent countless hours perfecting the David Gilmour guitar tone to deliver maximum authenticity to those amazing solos that all Pink Floyd fans know and love so well.

    A student of Gilmour's work since his teens, Daniel co-founded the band with the aim of bringing Pink Floyd's music to as many fans as he can.

    Whether it be the blistering high notes of "Mother", or the amazing slide work in "One of These Days", Daniel puts emotion, energy and heart into every note.



    Jason gleefully accepts the critical responsibility of laying down the rock solid yet elegant foundation that underpins all Pink Floyd's music.

    A seasoned veteran of the Adelaide live music scene with an incredibly diverse musical background, Jason brings the power and timing required to reign in Floyd's multi-layered instrumentation coupled with the musical sensibility to "sit back" when required to let those guitars soar.

    Listen to the syncopated work in the interlude of "Echoes" to hear a true master of his craft in full flight.

  • Paul Bindig - KEYBOARD/SYNTH/FX

    Paul Bindig - KEYBOARD/SYNTH/FX

    Paul cut his teeth learning classical piano long before he could see over the top of one.

    A misspent youth playing and writing original blues and rock music in various pubs around Adelaide was where he discovered his passion for playing live.

    A lifelong fan of Pink Floyd, Paul has spent innumerable hours taming his electronic beasts to the point where they hum, drone, bark and howl "just right" to give every audience the authentic Floyd sonic experience.



    Mark has been involved in the Adelaide music scene for over 20 years, earning his stripes in original and cover bands in venues all over town.

    Through various work in duos, Mark has learned how to make an acoustic guitar do things the manufacturer wouldn't dare to put in the brochure.

    His attention to detail is second to none, and with an extensive array of effects combined with his beautiful Fender guitars, he constantly leaves the audience commenting: "Wow, they even play THAT bit!"

  • Matt Goodluck - LEAD VOCALS

    Matt Goodluck - LEAD VOCALS

    Matt's breadth of experience and depth of knowledge makes him the perfect vocalist to re-create the stylings of Waters and Gilmour.

    He's toured internationally and worked with some of the biggest names in prog rock in an extensive and varied career.

    Also a professional voice-over artist, Matt brings passion, commitment and an ear for authenticity to the music of Pink Floyd.